What Makes a Good Shoe?

Our founder, Sofi, had been working in the footwear industry for over ten years when she finally realized she still hadn’t found her dream pair of shoes. She wanted a pair of shoes that she could comfortably wear all day (from 8am-8pm), were stylish and sustainably-made. She had one question in mind: what makes a good shoe? Many believe it's just about aesthetics or brand prestige, but the core of a well-crafted shoe runs much deeper than surface-level appeal. Here’s what we at Ma’am believe makes a good shoe.

A Good Shoe is Comfortable by Design

Starting from the foundation, the heel is pivotal. Contrary to the runway standards, a skyscraper heel is rarely synonymous with comfort. So we did a lot of research to find the perfect height - the highest you could possibly make the heel without compromising comfort.  We landed on 55 millimeters, or just over 2 inches.

And then it came to the matter of the heel shape.  We discovered that a cylindrical heel allows for a more even distribution of body weight, significantly improving comfort levels. Next we considered the insole and outsole to find the right balance between support and flexibility.  We admit, feet are fickle and everyone’s needs are slightly different.  We craft our shoes with the intention of working for most people but unfortunately,there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer. 

A Good Shoe has Sustainable Roots

While about 90% of shoes are crafted in China because making shoes is very labor intensive.  A single pair of shoes can be worked on by approximately 30 different people before they end up in front of the customer. and the due to cost efficiencies, Ma'am Shoes prides itself on being American-made. Located in downtown Los Angeles, our shoes represent not just quality craftsmanship but also a commitment to supporting local talent. Every shoe is a testament to the art of shoemaking, nurtured right in our backyard.

A Good Shoe is a Response to Our Community

From brides expressing their gratitude for adding comfort to their special day to loyal customers placing bulk orders during their brief visits to the U.S., the stories we gather are heartwarming. There’s a special joy in hearing about someone finding the perfect pair after a lifelong struggle with bunions or a style enthusiast getting the right shoe that complements their unique taste.

Our approach is to listen. Whether it's feedback from stylish friends or insights from our trusted wholesalers, being attuned to our community keeps us relevant. Notably, we're agile. Our U.S.-based operations allow us to adapt quickly to market needs. From releasing wedding collections in response to customer requests to considering my own evolving footwear needs as a working mother, we continually reinvent while retaining our core values.

Looking Ahead

Our journey is endless, just like the pursuit of the perfect shoe. With a focus on diversifying our best-sellers and experimenting with upcoming styles like the closed-toed slide, we're gearing up for exciting times. The vision remains the same: to ensure every woman finds a shoe that resonates with her needs, both sartorial and functional.

Remember, a shoe is not just an accessory; it's a companion. It's about how it molds to your foot, how it accentuates your stride, and most importantly, how it makes you feel. Choose mindfully.