Sofi’s Guide to Ma'am Shoes

I remember the exact place and time I was first called ma’am. I had just turned 30, and it was a complete surprise. I was newly married, finally making a decent salary, and could manage my way around a corporate boardroom. I had found my footing in the world and was feeling recently capable in my own skin. In my mind, I was also a “miss.”

And then a grocery store clerk looked me up and down and – with the simple phrase “have a good day, ma’am” – decided I was a ma’am. In that moment, the weight of my new title made me reflect – was this it? Had I crossed some invisible line into a territory I wasn't ready for? 

However, rather than feeling that my new ma’am title had meant I was old and past my prime, I felt an urge to redefine it. To me, being a ma’am would mean wisdom, maturity, and a sense of self-worth. This epiphany led to the birth of Ma'am Shoes.

A Bit About Me

I'm Sofi Newmyer - founder of Ma’am Shoes.  Right out of college, I started my footwear career at TOMS Shoes. I helped TOMS grow from a small startup to one of the largest footwear enterprises.  After a decade in the footwear business, I decided to design shoes that I actually wanted to wear. Shoes that don’t take such a toll on the planet.  Shoes that last.  

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What Makes Ma’am Shoes Different? 

The footwear market is vast, but Ma'am Shoes offers something unique. While the majority of shoes globally are produced in China, Ma'am Shoes are exclusively designed and manufactured  in downtown Los Angeles in one of the city’s last remaining footwear factories. This decision wasn't just about location. It was about preserving the art of shoemaking, ensuring quality, and supporting local artisans. When someone wears Ma'am, they're not just wearing a shoe; they're wearing a piece of art crafted in our city. 

Additionally, Ma’am Shoes were created for the modern woman through carefully selected materials, precise silhouettes and attention to detail. We analyzed and tested heel height and width, insole firmness, outsole support, upper reinforcements and fabric to create a comfortable, durable and stylish product so our customers can ‘walk the walk’. Ma’am Shoes are meant to be lived in and loved for seasons and years to come.

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What Fueled This Journey?:

As a woman, juggling many roles, footwear should be the least of our concerns. With Ma'am Shoes, we wanted to eliminate the dilemma of choosing between comfort and style.

Ma'am Shoes is not just about crafting footwear. It's about celebrating every phase of life, reclaiming titles, and offering comfort without compromising on style. For every woman out there, remember to wear your title with pride, and know that Ma'am Shoes are crafted with you in mind.

Meet the Ma’am Shoes Lineup 

The Ruth

Debuted in September 2020, the original Ruth shoe pays homage to resilience, elegance, and a touch of unconventionality. The Ruth resonates with women seeking both style and empowerment. Inspired by the feminine spirit and (dare we say) classic, iconic collars, this design quickly garnered a dedicated fan base. Its versatile look effortlessly dresses up or down, fitting any occasion. 

The Dolly | Ma'am Shoes

The Dolly

We cannot keep the Dolly slides in stock. This cherished design offers a fusion of timelessness, elegance and unparalleled comfort. Designed for the woman who’s constantly on her toes, the Dolly has gained insane popularity since its introduction. Crafted with care, it promises a fit that feels tailored to your unique foot with a special foam sole. With its unique blend of fashion and function, the Dolly ensures every step is taken with confidence. This shoe complements any outfit, making it an LA favorite and a must-have for the modern woman.

The Stacey

The Stacey, a highly practical addition to Ma'am's collection, perfectly balances sophistication with a touch of whimsy. With its versatile design, the Stacey seamlessly transitions from daytime office to nighttime glam. Every detail reflects a commitment to both style and comfort. Made for the contemporary woman who refuses to compromise on elegance, the Stacey has fast become a staple for many, elevating any look it's paired with. Celebrated for its adaptability, the Stacey is a testament to Ma'am's dedication to crafting shoes that are as fashionable as they are functional.

The Shirley

The Shirley is the epitome of timeless elegance with a modern twist. Ideal for those who appreciate a blend of tradition and trend, the Shirley promises comfort without skimping on style. Whether you're heading to brunch or a board meeting, the Shirley offers that chic confidence every woman seeks. This classic ankle boot’s blend of heritage charm and contemporary design makes it a standout piece in any ensemble.

The Gloria | Ma'am Shoes

The Gloria

The Gloria clog was born from a desire for both style and comfort. Uniquely crafted from ultra-lightweight wood, it's a departure from the typical heavy clogs that announce your steps. Its design offers full foot coverage while retaining a simple and refined everyday elegance. Perfect for the modern woman on-the-move, it embodies the spirit of practicality and empowerment.  Choose the Gloria when you want effortless style that doesn't compromise on comfort.

The CJ

Meet the CJ, Ma'am's effortless summer slide. This leather sandal combines sophistication with casual flair. Featuring three supportive elastic straps, the CJ is tailored for a snug fit, especially for normal to narrow feet. Forget about fuss; slide into the CJ when you're seeking an uncomplicated yet stylish solution for those warm-weather outings. Dive into this blend of comfort and elegance that the CJ promises.

The Marsha

Say hello to Marsha, a salute to vibrant nightlife and confident expression, exuding boldness and charisma. Sporting two straps, it comfortably accommodates most foot widths.  Ideal for cocktail dresses, yet versatile enough to wear with jeans, the Marsha is about having a blast without sacrificing style or comfort. Embrace the Marsha when you're ready to stand out and dance the night away.

Comfortable Wedding Shoes | Ma'am Shoes

The Ruth Bridal Shoe

Introduced in Summer 2023, the Ruth Bridal Shoe was crafted in collaboration with Happy Isles. Elevating the classic Ruth design, this comfortable bridal shoe boasts a chic cream satin finish and a sparkly rhinestone buckle. Inspired by our bride-to-be customers who wanted a stylish yet comfy shoe for their big day. This next chapter of the Ruth showcases elegance with comfort, ensuring brides can dance the night away without a hitch. Look no further if you're on the hunt for the ultimate comfortable bridal shoes.